Fort Lauderdale Granite, Onyx, Marble, Natural Stone Slabs

Br Stone Marble and Granite carries a very large selection of Granite for you to choose from. Our Florida based warehouse-showroom is among the biggest in the southeast Florida! Br Stone is the source for Fort Lauderdale countertop slabs featuring natural stone from around the globe to suit your design requirements. From fabricator friendly granite and marble colorings to stunning exotics such as onyx, Br Stone provides a massive choice of preferred slabs to match both your budget and your desire for distinctive design. Regardless of whether your counter top is designed for the kitchen, bathroom or business office, BR Stone are going to have the gorgeous granite, onyx, marble, or semi-precious slabs that you desire.

Our marble, granite, onyx, and travertine slabs are imported from Brazil, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, India, France, Greece, Persia, Canada and the USA. The best possible stones in the world. Quarried throughout the world and showcased in our warehouse showroom.
Only here can you discover such an astonishing choice of precious slabs with an extraordinary range of colours and designs as well as our support based on reliability and knowledge. We know the unique characteristics of each and every one of them, and can help you choose the ideal stone for your installation.

Fort Lauderdale Kitchen Countertop and Bathroom Vanity Slabs

Apart from a selection of more than hundreds of different types of stones, the one other thing that truly sets Br Stone Marble and Granite above the rest is our uncompromising emphasis on quality.
Very simply, every stone slab in our showroom – without exception – is first quality. Our goal is to provide a total quality experience. And that means quality service too. We would like you to be absolutely pleased, because only then are we absolutely fulfilled.
Visit our stone slab showroom soon and see the most phenomenal variety of fine stone slabs ever see together. Whether it is travertine, granite, marble, limestone, onyx, quartzite, slates or semi-precious stones, we ensure that you will discover the perfect slab material at Br Stone.
We travel the world seeking the most recent and most stunning natural stone slabs available, while at the same time preserving the highest degree of quality.
Having an comprehensive range of colors regularly managed on hand, together with new slabs arriving on a regular basis, distributors, fabricators, homeowners, contractors and designers will discover the natural stone that satisfies their particular requirements.